Calm Before the Storm

I did it again.  Neglected the blog while out doing other things. I’m only able to update it now because I accomplished something I’m not often good at…getting a bunch of stuff done earlier than necessary so as to clear the decks for what is ahead.

First to clean up a little bit of business since my last post.  Last I played a tournament was the Showdown at the Farm at CR Farm.  It was a fun day even if I didn’t play all that great in the first round.  I did throw  a little better in the second but still ended up outside the cash line.  Probably for the best as I wasn’t keen to play the safari final nine anyway.

Not to get too deep into it, but some courses are suited for safari play  and some aren’t.  Unfortunately, CR Farm isn’t one of those courses.  A final 9 playing select holes and skipping others would probably be more fun even if it isn’t necessarily more “challenging”.

On the plus side for the course, the re-design of holes 15-21 was really well done.  It kept intact a couple fun holes while creating new holes that I think are better and more interesting than the ones they replaced.

The only other highlight was more of a personal conquest.  On two of the more anti-lefty holes I’ve encountered (by which I mean tough for a lefty without an effective forehand game), I managed to go -3 for the day.  Sure, it took banging a couple putts from outside the circle, but I also managed to put my name on a CTP on one of them too (it didn’t hold).  Sometimes it’s the little things in life. 🙂


On to more current events…

I’ve been busting my butt the last couple weeks out on the course to get ahead of things mainly so I can take this week to concentrate on doing my part to make sure that the United States Women’s Championships go off without a hitch.

I’ve been thrown into things a bit last minute, but fortunately the bulk of what I’ve been asked to handle is almost second nature to me when it comes to running tournaments.  I’ve played in or attended majors and NT events a dozen times, but never before have I been on the other side of the event.  I’m anxious to see just how much different it might be and how much I can learn from it.

You’ll best see the fruits of my labor on the page linked above as I’ll be the man in charge of scoring, among other things.  If you’re not close enough to make it out to watch in person, follow the tournament on social media by searching for USWDGC on all the usual suspects.  Also, @PDGAlive on twitter should have updates from the lead cards all weekend.

After this weekend, I get to go back into player mode with tourneys on each of the next three weekends.  Busy busy October ahead.  Wouldn’t want it any other way.