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After playing the Thorndike Memorial a couple weeks ago in rain, snow, and 30-40mph wind gusts, I came to the conclusion that I needed a new wool winter hat (“beanie”).  So where else to go than Dynamic Discs to order one with a Latitude 64 logo.  This I did on Monday morning.  On Thursday, my new hat arrived but it wasn’t alone.  It was accompanied by 6 discs and a new tee shirt as well. Imagine my surprise.  This sponsor thing might be paying off.

Box of sponsor goodies that arrived rather unexpectedly.
Box of sponsor goodies that arrived rather unexpectedly.

All of the discs represented new and in some cases pre-releases by the Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs and the set was comprised of two drivers, two midranges, and two putters.  The drivers were the latest from Dynamic, the Felon and the Freedom, both in Lucid plastic with the Freedom sporting a sharp Oklahoma Open stamp (it was pre-released to select tournaments only).  The midranges were both Claymores, Latitude 64’s contribution to the 2014 Trilogy Challenge lineup.  One is in Opto plastic, released earlier in the fall.  The other is the as-yet unreleased and highly anticipated Frost plastic.  I can only imagine they sent the Opto in order for me to contrast it with the similar in look but not in feel Frost plastic.  The putters were a just released Westside Harp in VIP plastic and a scented (orange) Dynamic Classic Blend Warden.

I couldn’t wait to try them all out but unfortunately Mother Nature and a head cold had other ideas.  So I had to wait a week before I felt well enough to head out with some of the new stuff.  Unfortunately the wait made me miss out on some unseasonably warm weather early in the week.  I bagged the Harp and the Claymores and went out for a “putters and mids only” round on a chilly Thursday afternoon.

First impression on the Harp was that it is very overstable for a putter.  Perhaps just as overstable as my Sinus, if not more so since the Sinus has had six months to break in.  What really struck me is that there didn’t seem to be any extra glide.  When it dove at the end of its flight, it went more or less right to the ground.  The only drawback I’ve found when throwing the Sinus is that though it dives off hard as an overstable disc should, it also continues to fall forward as well.  The result being that it every so often blows by the intended landing zone by anywhere from a few to 25-30 feet.  The Harp didn’t seem to have that issue at all, though as it breaks in, things could change as it’s rated to have more glide than it showed me.

I am impressed with the Claymores as well. My lone experience with them was throwing the Trilogy Challenge version this summer. Then, it seemed to be a stable but somewhat touchy mid that would turn over more than desired if overpowered.  I don’t know if it is the change in plastic or me (having only played with it for one round or so), but that didn’t seem to be an issue with these new ones, particularly the Frost.

Whenever I threw one, I threw both to get side-by-side comparisons. The Opto generally turned over slightly then faded back slightly for a good straight flight while the Frost held a flatter line (less turn) and faded just a bit at the end. The Frost also seemed to weather the wind better, holding its line into a head wind and not fading too hard with a tail wind.

And the feel…such a great feel to the Frost plastic. Firm but not stiff.  Flexible but not floppy.  It had the sturdiness of Opto and Gold line with the give under the fingers of soft Zero (or Classic). I already can’t wait until they produce more molds in it (initial release will be the Claymore, Diamond, and River), particularly the ones I’m already bagging .

I got out again for two rounds on Saturday, this time with the full bag and the Felon added to the mix.  I’d have bagged the Freedom as well for testing but we got some snow Friday and the Freedom is unfortunately white.  That one might have to wait until spring to get any work.

I don’t foresee the Felon pushing out any of my drivers at the moment as it, speed-wise, slots in between my fairways and my distance drivers…a veritable no-mans-land in my bag.  However, with its speed and stability, I thought it might fit as a good overhand disc so that’s what I decided to use it for during these rounds.  And it sufficiently served its purpose.  Good flat glide as it rolled over and then dove to the ground. It worked well enough that it’s going to stick in the bag for now, though part of that is the disc it’s replacing (a Gold line Flow) is white and as mentioned earlier, snow has arrived.

I think the biggest benefit of these new discs showing up out of the blue is that it was a morale pick-me-up at just the right time.  My tournament season has wound down so the motivation to practice is significantly lessened. Plus it’s getting colder and the sun is setting at 4:30 in the afternoon.  A handful of new discs is a battery charger if ever there was one.  And these have given me a charge.  The Harp, after just three rounds, is in and the Sinus, for now, is out of the bag. I just want to keep throwing it and confirm that decision.  Now to just find some time to do it…

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