Spring? If you say so.

Calendar says it’s the first day of spring.  Conditions say otherwise.  Oddly though, unseasonably cold temperatures make for the most ideal course conditions right now.  The snow melts just enough from the sun during the day to freeze up really solid during the cold night.  So at 9am, you can walk on top of snow that still ranges from a few inches to a couple feet deep and not sink in an inch.

So I went out this morning with the mercury reading 15 degrees (and rising, fortunately) and played a couple rounds. The aforementioned frozen snow meant not only easier walking but no discs burying, so for the first time in a couple months, I was throwing ribbon free discs.

And being ribbon free, I finally got to test out a couple new molds released earlier this month by Westside Discs: the Bard (midrange) and the Seer (fairway driver).  The discs I was throwing are both Tournament plastic.  The Bard weighs in at 175 grams while the Seer is 167g.

The Bard is advertised as an overstable midrange.  The flight ratings indicate it has no high speed turn and I saw nothing to indicate that isn’t the case. With a hard flat release, the Bard carried a fair amount on a straight trajectory without a hint of turn before gradually fading to the ground.

The Seer is touted as a understable fairway driver with a good deal of high speed turn and some fade.  Again, that’s what I saw from it. I really liked the way I was able to throw it with a slight hyzer release, have it flip up to flat then continue to turn over with just a slight bit of fade at the end. With some more seasoning, this may be the reliable turnover fairway driver I’ve been searching for since the switch.

Both discs may find their way into my regular bag with a bit more work as they both potentially fill roles I’ve been unable to settle on a solution for to this point.

In other news from my rounds today, I managed to bag my second ever unwitnessed therefore doesn’t really count ace.  In all the years I’ve played, I’ve been fortunate to have had witnesses for 21 aces, and for a long time I prided myself on not having thrown one in when no one was there to see it.  That is, until last winter when I finally broke my streak with my first solo round ace.  Today I bagged #2 on hole 5.  My third time getting that hole and second in a row with the same Classic Soft Warden (first time was witnessed back in December).

Still a few weeks away from real tournament action but preparations are well under way.  Starting to get into a routine with my putting practice inside, and hopefully can start to transition to some outdoor putting practice soon. I mean, eventually the weather has to catch up with the calendar, right?

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