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  • Calm Before the Storm - I did it again.  Neglected the blog while out doing other things. I’m only able to update it now because I accomplished something I’m not often good at…getting a bunch of stuff done earlier than necessary so as to clear the decks for what is ahead. First to clean up a little bit of business … Continue reading Calm Before the Storm
  • Holy neglected blog, Batman - Guess you can only tell yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow” so many times before something gets put off for over a month.  Oops.  Oh well, guess I’ll do it all in one go right now. When last I left off, I was preparing to make the trip south for the Yetter.  What a great weekend … Continue reading Holy neglected blog, Batman
  • Inconsistent consistency - It’s fun when you do something multiple times, in different ways each time, and always seem end up with the same result.  That’s the Newton Hill Open for me.  Last weekend was the fourth annual for that event and my third consecutive year playing it. Two years ago, I shot 55-49-25 for a total of … Continue reading Inconsistent consistency

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