I’m planning to attend the 2024 PDGA Masters World Championship in June in Emporia, Kansas.  To help me get there, my wonderful sponsor Westside Discs has set me up with some fundraiser discs to sell.  Each of these molds can be found in my bag.  In fact, some of these discs are going to find their way into my bag.

I accept Paypal and Venmo. Contact me to arrange a purchase, catch me at an upcoming event, or stop by the pro shop at Dragan Field where there will be a selection of these discs available while supplies last.  I will ship if necessary (your expense).

$25 – Dynamic Discs Lucid Moonshine Raider (173-174g)





$25 – Westside Discs VIP Confetti Bear (173-174g)





$25 – Westside Discs VIP Ice Gatekeeper (175-177g) – colors vary





$25 – Westside Discs VIP Ice Orbit Harp (173-176g) – colors vary (no more blue)





$15 – Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Burst Warden (174-175g) – colors vary

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