In the Bag

This is what you will find in my Dynamic Discs Sniper backpack on a regular basis.  It’s always a work in progress as I try to find the ideal lineup.  Some molds are locked in and others ably hold a spot until something comes along that clicks better with my game.  That is the great thing about this game and especially great about up and coming manufacturers…if your bag is missing a particular ingredient, just wait, it’s coming.

So here they are…


  •  Warden, Classic Blend – primary put it in the basket putter.  Always carry a pair of them.
  • Warden, Classic Soft – used primarily for straight and turnover approaches up to 180-200 feet. The soft plastic beats in quickly so that it reliably holds a turnover line when needed.
  •  Harp, VIP – overstable putter great for power hyzer drives and approaches with minimal turn or carry. Goes where you throw it, no more, no less.
  •  Harp, BT Medium – once reserved for putting on very windy days, this worked its way into more regular use for shots that I’d use the VIP except it fades too soon or too much.  This one is just beat enough that it holds straight for a bit and has a more gentle fade.
  •  Pure, Grip (10th anniv. edition) – all purpose utility driving putter.  It holds whatever line is required and has all kinds of glide to squeeze out those extra few feet.
  •  Spike, Zero Hard – understable drive/approach putter.  Good for driving when a slow steady turnover is needed. Fast enough that it’s more a short mid-range than a putter.  Similar in that respect to the Pure.


  • Anvil, VIP – super overstable mid. Newest release in 2018. Will not turn over and fights out of an anhyzer release very quickly. Lots of hard fade but still has some glide so it doesn’t just fall out of the sky.
  • Bard, Tournament – overstable mid. Difficult to turn over but once broken in, holds a straight line for days before gently fading. Even brand new, it has a sure fade but not so harsh that it immediately tries to dive to the ground.
  • Gatekeeper, VIP – stable mid. Westside’s lone 2019 release. True point and shoot mid-range. The more I throw it, the more uses I find for it. It is versatile enough that it bumped the Sling and may bump the Bard from my bag, especially once the Tournament plastic version is released.
  • Fuse, Gold line – understable mid that turns over and barely even tries to fade back.  When thrown with a bit of hyzer it turns up flat and goes straight.

Fairway/Control Drivers:

  • Ahti, VIP – Utility disc mainly for overhand shots and extreme hyzer lines.  Very overstable without a ton of extra glide, it is a specialty disc that doesn’t get much regular use depending on the course.
  • Fortress, Tournament – overstable.  Fast for a fairway driver, takes any power and holds the line with a reliable finish.
  • Longbowman, Tournament – overstable. Somewhat interchangeable with the Fortress though not as fast or glidy (speed 8 vs speed 10). With a little seasoning, it comes up flat and holds a line with a gentle, reliable fade.
  • Seer, Tournament – understable. Love the way this one gently but steadily turns over until just at the end of its flight when it fades back ever so slightly.  A must have for a lefty in a righty world.

Distance Drivers:

  • Catapult, VIP – max distance, stable enough to hold a hyzer line without turning over but not too overstable that it fades out of a flat throw too soon.
  • Raider, Fuzion – latest release from Dynamic. Best described as easy distance. Stable but flips up flat and goes without maximum effort. Seems a bit touchy in a headwind, so won’t bump the Catapult completely, but otherwise THE distance driver in the bag.
  • Sword, Tournament – stable distance driver that can be powered into a long S-turn flight with a reliable finish.
  • Destiny, Tournament – understable to hold the long turnover drives with minimal fade at the end.  And it holds the line really well until it runs out of steam.  Also my primary backhand roller disc.


Last edited: May 16, 2019

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