Support Josh’s tour schedule with a purchase.  All purchases will be mailed through the US Postal Service. Shipping cost included with the price of the discs. In-person pick-ups can be discounted (contact me directly).

Discs are as pictured and described. If an item has been sold but not removed from this page and you attempt to buy it, you will be refunded ASAP.

I’ve listed some items on ebay as well if that gives potential buyers a little more security.

151118-biofuzion-suspect-redDynamic Discs BioFuzion Suspect

Lightly field tested, 176g


151118-opto-spark-red-FRLatitude 64 Opto Spark (first run)

Lightly field tested, 174g


150806-optohex-rakaten-blue-FRLatitude 64 OptoHex Rakaten (first run)

Never thrown, no ink, 174g


150806-optohex-rakaten-purple-FRLatitude 64 OptoHex Rakaten (first run)

Lightly field tested, no ink, 173g


150806-opto-river-purpleLatitude 64 Opto River

Lightly used, name/phone ink, 171g


150806-TP-king-pink-originalmoldWestside Tournament King (original)

Lightly used, small PDGA# ink, 167g


150806-lucid-witness-orangeDynamic Discs Lucid Witness

Used, name/email ink, 169g


Dynamic Discs Classic Judge

Never used


Latitude 64 Frost Diamond (first run)

Lightly field tested, no ink, 155g


Dynamic Discs Classic Fugitive (first run)

Lightly field tested, no ink, 178g


Latitude 64 Gold line Fury

Lightly field tested, no ink, 168g


Latitude 64 Gold line Core

Lightly field tested, no ink, 176g


Latitude 64 Opto XXX

Used, no ink, 172g


Dynamic Discs Biofuzion Thief (Trilogy Challenge 2014)

Lightly used, small PDGA# ink, 171g


Latitude 64 Gold line Vision

Lightly used, small PDGA# ink, 169g


Dynamic Discs Biofuzion Fugitive

Lightly used, name/email ink, 178g


Latitude 64 Opto Halo

Lightly used, name/email ink, 166g


Dynamic Discs Classic Judge

Used, name/email ink, 174g




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